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These Are 7 Signs You Need a Wardrobe Overhaul

Sis, are you seriously holding on to clothing that resonates with an old version of you? Or is it possible that even your lowest self never resonated with the clothing in your closet from the jump? I can’t let you off the hook because you are so much more deserving than this. So, this one is for you: these are 7 signs you need a wardrobe overhaul.

Regardless of if it is one or all, each sign is an indication that it’s time that you create a new and dream wardrobe for yourself.

These are 7 signs you need a wardrobe overhaul:

1️⃣ You do not have a signature style or wear anything that has purpose or intention

2️⃣ You don’t have any favorite pieces in your wardrobe and closet, so you settle for what feels next to best

3️⃣ You don’t have wardrobe that speak to you or complement you and where you are/desire to go

4️⃣ You have difficulty picking what to wear for the day because nothing resonates with how you want to feel

5️⃣ You have dream wardrobe and style ideas in mind, but not in your closet

6️⃣ You’re ready to create space for clothing in your closet that celebrates and energizes you to be confident and proud

7️⃣ Your clothing complements a mediocrity and scarcity mindset not a thriving one

If this sounds like you, then you NEED an entire wardrobe overhaul. 

I got an idea for you. Why not use your wardrobe overhaul as a wellness practice? By getting in the habit of letting go of what no longer aligns with your highest self. And what never belonged to you in the first place?

Doing a wardrobe overhaul is more than just removing clothing and items from your closet. It’s an opportunity for you to do some self-work and self-evaluation to check in with yourself and your current needs. You can clear out that old baggage and open your life to new positive opportunities in a new wardrobe that feels positive.

Every time you let go of your clothing, you let go of negative emotions, past trauma, guilt and shame, self-doubt, and fear. And you are creating space for expansion, evolution, and loving energy to emerge in a wardrobe that truly honors your beauty and strength – giving you nourishment of the soul. 

And before you know it, you begin to normalize letting go of the past. Just taking small steps to make this a normalized act in your life will pay off later. 

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Love and Light Soul Sis!