What’s Your Theme Word of the Year 2022?

Happy, Healthy, and Positive Vibes to you and your’s during the Holidays soul family!

As another year goes down in history (literally), I wanna know, have you been thinking about your intentions for the new year? If you set intentions for the new year, is there an overall theme word that sums it up for you? What type of impact do you want your new year to have? So, tell me, what’s your theme word of the year 2022?

For some time now, I’ve been creating theme words for each year. And it sets the tone for the entire year because every theme focuses on the overall intention and impact of that word. Think of positive words as a yearly theme like purpose, evolution, abundance, and so on and on. Each theme word I’ve created has come to reality and brings to life what I asked for.

Again, what’s your theme word of the year 2022?

Now, for all my theme word creating family members, this comes as a reminder to think of that magic word that will provide you with the guidance you need.

And to all my newbie yearly theme word creating family members, here’s some quick steps to come up with your theme word.

  1. Think of a positive word that represents growth, expansion, and evolving for you. Whatever word comes to mind first, that’s your word. Heck, one of these words would make great theme words. But again, it’s best to go with the word that comes up for you.
  2. Determine what this word truly means to you. What does it truly represent for you and your life in this season? How does it resonate?
  3. And finally, write this word down where it is visible. Anytime you’re caught up in a hunch, feeling discouraged, or need a bit of motivation, look at your theme word to remember your overall intention for the year.

I hope these quick steps help you discover, determine, and keep closely your theme word of the year.

What theme word resonates with you most for 2022? Let me know in the comments.