Pentené Milner is a Wardrobe Healer and Style-Wellness Coach, and effectively used her style as an act of self-love to heal trauma and overcome adversity to become the best version of herself.

This became part of her success story after enduring a tumultuous time in her life of experiencing divorce trauma and narcissistic abuse. It also became one of the most awakening times in her life. This was the beginning of her spiritual and healing path.

She founded Journey Your Style which is powered by the Wardrobe Healing Experience® (Service and Spiritual Brand). It empowers the healing woman to use her style as a wellness tool to be the best version of herself to achieve her dreams and desires.

The specialized services are not just focused on the outward appearance, but also to help each client (soul sister) heal her inner self so she restores the love within and becomes more inspired to achieve her desires. One of their intentions is for the client to feel safe in her own body and to use her clothing as a beautiful expression of her life.

Pentené loves showing women how to harness the power of clothing to embrace her authentic self. She shows women how to let go of the past and accept all they are in the present to manifest the life they love within their wardrobe. Her goal is for women to create an energy of love that resides from within. She understands that wardrobe can be a powerful tool to speak our truth, open our heart and vibrate positivity.

The wardrobe healing consultation and service was created through Journey Your Style to inspire women to love and accept themselves through it all using the power of their wardrobe: wardrobe healing consults and session (helping women determine what clothing styles speaks true to them, their contributions to the world and mirror their soul), personal shopping (selecting the best options to help clients curate the style that celebrates and honors them as an act of self-love), closet clean-out (a clearing method to create space for the wardrobe that creates an energy of love within and helps manifest her dreams) and the Wardrobe Healing Experience® Review (to determine if the clothing she wears is in alignment with the next phase of her life). These services and sessions are meant to provide healing, connection to her divine being, and aligning her with her highest good.

Pentené also offers a course, workshops, masterclasses, worksheets, event speaking, and much more that empowers self-improvement, style, self-love, and healing.

“What sets me apart is my focus on using the power of clothing for healing and personal development. I’m most proud that my brand is a purposeful movement created after my pain and can transform the lives of other women too. I put my heart, soul, and tears into making Journey Your Style what it is. It’s my lightwork that was placed inside of me to help women discover their light after darkness too. My brand says that you are not alone in your journey after trauma and you are worthy of evolving.”

She’s a single mother to a pre-teen son who reminds her to balance fun and work. Her idea way of living is quality time with the family, traveling the world, spending time in nature (hiking, zip-lining, etc.), dressing up just because, reading books (on spirituality, healing, self-improvement), connecting with her home (the soul) through yoga, and makes self-care a priority in her life. To her, as a former singer, music brings everything to light and heals.

Also, Pentené volunteers her time by giving back and joining forces with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to uplifting and providing services to the communities in need.

Pentené earned a B.A. in Communication Studies from California State University of Northridge, but credits most of her self-improvement to self-education. Becoming spiritually aligned has given her the ability to teach a styling method that comes from a space of healing and personal development.