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Building a Personal Style that Creates Social Responsibility

Creating a Style that Shows Social Responsibility

With so many changes happening in the world today, there is a new understanding that we each have a responsibility to make the world a better place. Normal as we knew it is gone forever (at least in our lifetime). There is a new awakening transpiring, and so much that we have ignored because we were too busy to question and pay attention. Given the current climate, there’s time to get informed about the wrong doings and there will no longer be a plausible excuse for not knowing. Let us dive into what this post is about shall we. I honestly believe that it is important for us to begin thinking about and creating a style that shows social responsibility. If we care about people, and we want to stop enslavement, we have more control over this than we realize.

Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

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Last year, I discovered that many of the clothing brands I was shopping with were a part of the modern-day slave production. Also, learned that due to fast fashion, the Fashion industry became the second most polluted industry in the world. It is costing lives and the planet. Many of the people (and their children) in these countries that produce clothing for the fashion industry die due to pollution, being over worked, working in unsafe environments and conditions where they suffer abuse. They earn pennies on a dollar while working most of the day. Not to mention, there are prison slave productions by some clothing companies you love and support too.

Does this post make you feel any better yet? I hope it does not, and I hope that you make the conscious effort in creating a style that shows social responsibility. Here’s an article that goes in more depth about the harmful Fashion Production and what you can do.

Here are some of the ways I am learning to build a personal style that creates social responsibility.

  1. Thrift and buy gently used clothing; for great reason thrifting is a perfect way you can create social responsibility and it is inexpensive. I have learned that with thrifting you are more focused on functionality because many times you find separate pieces to possibly go with something already in your closet. The key is to buy from resell stores, so you do not help the original seller earn a profit. Check out this site for tips on thrift-store shopping hacks that could be useful.
  2. Attend a clothing swap party. I was introduced to the clothing swap idea from a friend and have done this with a group of friends. You swap your gently used clothing which usually is clothing we never worn, worn once or hardly. This can be anything from clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories like hats and belts. The only way you can swap is by bringing something to swap with.
  3. Research who makes your clothes, then do your best to shop with clothing brands that make clothing from recycled materials. There are a lot more brands and designers doing this to help with the environment.
  4. Shop small businesses, as most produce their clothing locally, and are usually hand making their designs. They may be a little more expensive because they are producing them on their own but think about the lives you save. Instagram is the perfect place to come across some of these designers, and Esty is too.

Although it will take effort to find out which clothing companies and brands produce through slave labor, but once you know then your decision will be based on what you value most. You can look good in whatever you wear because you make the clothing, the clothing does not make you. Keeping in mind that you want the energy that your clothing carries to be the energy that makes you feel good.

I would love to learn about ways you are creating a style that shows social responsibility. Let me know in the comments below. If this blog post resonated with you, please do me a favor and share with others. If you want to join the journey do not forget to subscribe for more ways you can develop a style that makes you feel good and becomes a part of your journey.

You want to help with change, be the change. Let us be well together.