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How To Use Your Style As A Wellness Tool

Heyyyy soul sister and loved one. In this post, I’m going to share how to use your style as a wellness tool.

But first I want to know — If you’re currently using your style as a wellness tool? Or have you ever considered your clothing as a tool for wellness? 

Me neither, until this happened. 

I first started using my style and clothing as a wellness tool immediately after going to therapy to heal from my mess of a life. Soon after I needed wellness tools that could hold me accountable on my path to overcoming the trauma I endured, and no longer wanted to feel victim to – starting with my divorce. 

And I quickly realized that my clothing had the power to help me unbecome the old version of myself and be a soul expression of who I was innately. It helped me emphasize the positive feelings I needed to feel good no matter the conditions and stay in the vibration of welcoming in abundance. 

It leads me to a more in-depth explanation of how your style could be used as a wellness tool. 

(Think about it this way) Your style is connected to who you are, how you see/feel about yourself, your experiences, and the events in your life. It’s connected to the very essence of your light (high moments in life) and darkness (moments of despair).

So, why am I saying this? Well, because what you wear can be part of the cause and effect of how you embark on your journey to creating the life you truly love.

What you wear has an impact on your vision, purpose, emotions, and energy. What you give is what you will receive back. But that’s life right?!? So why not carry this same type of energy in your clothing. (positive energy of course)

My clothing has been the most useful tool of my journey to healing on my wellness path. The clothing I wear complements me and my wellness journey, which has helped me tap into my inner confidence in all areas of my life, even when I may be afraid. I purposefully built a wardrobe in alignment with the outcome I want to be and have BETTER. 

One of the many things I did was clear out the energy that kept me from tapping into my strong sense of self and worth. I started to use my style as an act of self-love daily, which helped me work on myself every day. It improved my relationship within myself and improved my relationships with others and life.

Allowing your clothing to uplift and accept where you are in your life no matter the conditions and stages, can attract better for you. 

To build a wardrobe and style as a wellness tool, you’ll need to:

💡Wear clothing that aligns with your soul, purpose, and healing.

You were created in the image of God. Dress in clothing that makes you feel like you’re limitless, worthy of good things, and is an authentic representation of you. 

💡Style in clothing with a vision of your dreams and goals to attract the life you want.

If you believe you can have it, dress like it. We are the co-creators of our lives. Think of all the things you have believed that you created in your reality. Wear clothing that helps you believe, feel, and see yourself achieving what you already envisioned. 

💡Always wear clothing that makes you feel good to emphasize positive feelings regardless of your conditions.

Boost your confidence, vibration, and manifest what you want for yourself (and life) in the present. You get what you put out. Why not surround yourself with things that remind you of the good you already have and are yet to come. 

💡Practice self-love daily in your clothing to cultivate a strong sense of self and worth.

Wearing clothing that put you in the act of self-love will subconsciously remind you of the love you are giving to yourself. Great way to focus on your biggest asset every day, yourself. 

Where do you start?

Start by carrying feelings of gratitude, love, and joy in your clothing. But, if your clothing doesn’t generate positive energy, then it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul. 

How do you plan on using your wardrobe on your wellness path for growth going forward?

If you need support and guidance with learning how to use your style as a wellness tool, check out my style and wellness course, “Optimize Your Style To Become The Woman You Love“. 

Sending you love and light.