Want A Shopping Partner Who Understands Your Need to Find Clothing to Wear as An Act Of Self-love And A Tool to Create Yourself And Attract the Life of Your Dreams?

Shopping can seem unkind and frustrating when you do not know where to begin or what you are looking for.

Many people who walk into a store with no plan or vision, end up buying clothes that do not celebrate them or flatter their body.

I get it. It is tempting to buy clothes whether on sale or not. But if the clothes do not embody your inner self, why buy them?

That is why it is very important to be self-aware, set intentions and create a plan of action with a vision when going shopping.

But you are probably too busy, don’t have the time and don’t know which clothes best resonate with your authentic self.

Plus, I’ll be honest. Putting together a wardrobe that empowers you to be your best daily takes time and requires self-awareness and self-acceptance to determine the clothing that best complements your journey. Your clothing shares your story with the world through the expression of the threads you choose to wear. 

So, why don’t you get the guidance and support of a professional style-wellness coach to empower your next shopping trip?


Do you experience the following problems when it comes to shopping:

Get Expert Style-Wellness Support and Guidance from A Wardrobe Healer and Style-Wellness Coach.

I’ll Empower, and Help You Find Clothes That Complement Your Soul, Personality, Values, Body Shape and Dreams.

I offer the following wardrobe healing and style-wellness coaching services:


This is perfect for people who don’t know or are trying to figure out their personal brand and style. I help you find a personal style that fits your current lifestyle, personality, and career ‘that’ attracts all that you desire

We’ll follow that up with an intentional shopping experience. You’ll receive powerful tips and advice on what you need to look for when you shop, such as the styles that complement your body shape and empowers you to love your body more.  

Plus, a digital style vision board (of looks that celebrate who you are and where you’re going) will be created. It’ll help you know what you should be looking for when shopping for where you are now in your life.

personal brand styling
event styling


Whether you are looking for a prom dress or a wedding dress, I’ll shop with you and assist you in finding the perfect wardrobe for your event.

At the end of the day, it is not only about finding an outfit that makes you look breathtakingly beautiful. It is about wearing something that amplifies you to feel good, confident and comfortable in your own skin.

So, before going shopping, I want to get to know you, your lifestyle, your current style (what you like and dislike), body shape and more. Once I know more about you, I will plan shopping trips that empower your budget and needs.


The Personal Shopping Process

The shopping trips are available both virtually and in-person. Our virtual personal shopping experience will be conducted via Zoom. Any in-person personal shopping experiences will include an additional travel fee depending on the location. This is discussed upon service booking.

Empowering Sessions

In the sessions, we will focus on creating an effective personal shopping experience by discovering the types of clothing that do and don’t support your healing, life’s vision, purpose, and self-evolution. The intention is to give a clear picture of your authentic self and the style that serves you best.

Create Yourself, Life, and Wardrobe

Determine new wardrobe that empowers you to create your own reality. Learn your body shape, soul color palette, fabrics that complement your values, and styles to amplify your dreams. These pieces will inspire you to be and become who you desire which impacts you internally with results externally.

Optimum Wardrobe Experience

You’ll learn how to shop for clothing to get the best optimum use of your wardrobe by building wardrobe capsules that fit your lifestyle and sustainability exponentially. Also, be empowered to activate the feeling and energy of your clothing that inspires you to love yourself more.

Investment Fee Available on Request

Working with me will save you time and money in the future. When you work with me, I’ll help you pick wardrobe pieces that are healing, aligns with your best self, flatters you and boosts your confidence.

My experience with Pentené was a very unforgettable and supportive one. I feel like I was in very capable hands the entire time.

The decision making process was smooth and comforting to know that I had such a fashion forward professional at my disposal.

I felt at ease that everything would come together because Pentené helped me find everything that I wanted and didn’t realize I wanted until she showed me.

The management staff at the bridal salon was even taken aback by her level of expertise and professionalism. They wanted to steal her from me as one of their own bridal stylist by offering her a job.

I would definitely recommend anybody, anytime to Pentené so that they can get the same 5 star service that I received.
Ifeanyi K.
“I wanted to share the great experience I had while working with Pentené during my engagement while searching for that ‘perfect’ wedding dress.

Never planning a wedding before and not realizing the endless, dizzying maze of wedding dress styles and fits, it was a real comfort and pleasure to have her by my side during this sometimes stressful process.

Pentené is extremely attentive and I greatly appreciated her directness and honesty– considering my body type and shape when offering me her professional opinion.

Needless to say, I said ‘yes’ to the dress and highly recommend her services to my friends, family, and anyone getting married in the near future. Many thanks, Pentené- you saved the day!”
Esther R.
I highly recommend Pentené as your Stylist. She’s wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable in regards to your body shape, style and color palette that will help complement your beauty.

She not only helped me with my personal image, but it was also helpful having her by my side picking out my wedding dress which made it so easy and fast.

Thank you Pentené for all your help so far. I’m looking forward to sharing my special day with you.
Lisa T.
Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I felt at the way Pentené transformed my daughter into a beautiful Angel on her prom day!!!

She turned our miseries into an ecstatic and happy one. Thank you sooooooo much!!!
Ms. O

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