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🖤 Optimizing our style to heal inner wounds:

There is not one person on earth that has not experienced trauma. I love that I have the opportunity to support women in learning ways they can heal their inner wounds caused by past trauma (relationship and childhood) using the power of clothing.

After discovering how to use my style as an act of self-love to overcome my relationship and childhood trauma, it became a tool that helped me become the next best version of myself.

I empower women to boost their confidence, let go of the past, love the skin they are in, and manifest their dreams through style and healing from experience. I explain how, why it is essential, what they need to start, and more.


🖤 How to become the next best version of yourself using style

I teach how to use style to transform oneself from the inside as it reflects the outward appearance. I explore the effects of staying the same because it robs us of the opportunity to change for the better. 

I encourage women to see every challenge and circumstance as an assignment for growth. We become better through experiences that help us understand who we are.

The best transformation is when we can shed the old and receive the new best version of ourselves at the end of a stormy season. 


🖤 Use the power of clothing as a tool to work hard at being you

I believe that our purpose in this life is not found in a title, but in being good at being ourselves. How do we get good at being ourselves? 

By working hard at getting to know and being ourselves every day. This process doesn’t come without love, trust and compassion for oneself.

I inspire women to adopt the tools to increase self-love and access the energy of clothing to speak her truth. We are our brand and it is time that we protect it for the value that it holds. 

By working on our style we can make the most of working on ourselves – it offers the benefits of self-development. 


🖤 Any topic on style and fashion...

As an experienced style coach and wardrobe healer, I provide guidance and support in the following areas:

  • • Creating a well suited personal style
  • • Shopping techniques and strategies
  • • Finding clothes that suit her body shape, personality, lifestyle and skin tone
  • • Closet clean-out and closet edit
  • • Color analysis, and more.

🖤 Encouraging a self-love and healing journey

To release the power of limitless possibilities, self-love and healing is the answer. Prioritizing self-love teaches you to make time for your mental health which creates an opportunity for healing.

My goal is to help women learn to honor their wounds, commit to their needs, release negative behavior patterns, and change how she values herself.

The intention is to cultivate self-worth, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. And nurture a positive impact through the highs and lows of her journey.

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► December 2020: Sis You Are Worth It

► September 2021: Style Symposium

What people are saying...

While hosting and speaking at the two-day Sis, You’re Worth It event, done in December 2020, one guest took her biggest takeaway from my speaking segment. Here’s what she says:

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“As one of nine select guest speakers for the 2021 Style Symposium presented by College of Style, Pentené shared her expertise in fashion styling, business consulting, and experience with how one can utilize a personal wardrobe to heal and move life in a positive direction.

She is an excellent guest as she communicates her wealth of knowledge with relatable nuggets of nowness and industry best practices.”

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