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Four Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

It bothers me that we didn’t learn that the most important relationship is with ourselves. And I believe that it’s on purpose. As long as we don’t value ourselves, we place value outside of ourselves more. It best serves the world if we first love and value the person we look at in the mirror every day. So, I put together four ways to improve your relationship with yourself. It is time we focus on strengthening the relationship with ourselves first — to create a world of wellness.

In the past, I focused on being and placing more value on everything outside of myself — until I realized that I was missing out on connecting with my inner being and what was needed to thrive from building the relationship with herself. We can’t possibly know what we need or desire from others if we don’t know what we need or desire of ourselves. And to take it a bit deeper — realize what you already have inside of yourself that you are looking for elsewhere.

Think about this for a sec…

How many times have you tried to improve relationships outside of yourself? 

➡️ Want to make them better.
➡️ Make them feel good.
➡️ Value the relationship more than you value yourself.
➡️ Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Any of this sound familiar?

You thought that strengthening the relationships outside of yourself REALLY benefited you. Yea, I thought so too. Until I begin to understand that it doesn’t work that way. How you value yourself is how others will value you too.

But how about strengthening your relationship with yourself so you no longer commit to less than you deserve. 
Improving your relationship with yourself shows you that what you deserve is non-negotiable to anyone or anything not aligned with what’s best for YOU. And the key is to build relationships based off what is aligned with your most valuable asset, yourself.

Let’s take a look at how you can start to improve your relationship with yourself today.

Here are Four Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself:

One of the most powerful connections you have is within yourself. That’s where you connect with the source. Everything starts from within — all of your wisdom, thoughts, creations, feelings, emotions, choices, etc. It drives what manifests into your life and how life corresponds with you.

Which of these four ways to improve your relationship with yourself resonates with you most? Let me know in your comment.

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