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7 Daily Acts of Self-Love: Explore Your Heart

Self-Love is the foundation of all love, and one of the highest frequencies. It is the key attribute to wellness in all areas of your life. Undoubtedly self-love is the cure to self-hate. When you love yourself, you hold yourself in high esteem and your choices align only with the things and people that serve you best. One way of improving love for yourself is through these 7 daily acts of self-love to help you explore your heart.

Let me share with you what exploring my heart taught me.

Exploring my heart taught me that love has no conditions or limitations – And that it is boundless. But this didn’t come without my own struggles with self-love.

That’s why sharing these 7 daily acts of self-love is so personal for me.

Self-love opened the door to my healing and was the answer to becoming the best version of myself. The road to recovery during my divorce trauma helped me with releasing my attachments to old wounds. From those wounds, I suffered abandonment issues, narcissistic abuse, lack of self-love; including childhood and generational trauma.

Honoring my wounds helps me believe that there is so much more to me. I had been blocking myself from knowing and understanding my wellbeing by holding onto negative emotions and wounds within my body. And releasing them has given me the permission to live my truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes me or anyone else feel. 

Say it with me — I am love, created by love, and deserve to be loved in return. Fear is false evidence appearing real. And it is time to let go of all illusions blocking your path to your greatness.

Here are 7 daily acts of self-love that can help to explore your heart. These are some of the practices I use in my self-love journey.

1 Identify the source of your pain: honor and release past wounds

Identify your pain and trauma to begin the process of learning to heal them. Our past wounds hold fear in the body and block the energy of love. We believe that we are not capable of giving or receiving love because of the things that happened to us. But once we change this belief and realize that our wounds are where the light enters, we become the light and accept love.

2 Change your negative self-talk

How you talk to yourself is vital to your well-being. Our negative self-talk is deeply rooted in the conditioning we received in our childhood, and from trauma. It is a combination of the beliefs about who we are, what we can or can’t do, and how we treat ourselves according to those beliefs. We pay for it as a result of our choices and experiences. Say positive statements to yourself every day and watch how you create a positive reality.

3 Visualize your highest self to manifest your dreams

To manifest your dreams, visualize yourself as your best self living the life you desire. If you see it, you can hold it – if you believe it, you can achieve it. But manifesting your desires consciously doesn’t come without feeling love and positive energy. We all can manifest subconsciously – that’s why it’s important to change your thoughts, actions, behaviors, and energy from negative to positive. You get what you give back regardless of what you desire and want. You need to be in the frequency of your desires to receive them. Practice visualizing your highest self living your dreams for at least 10-20 minutes every day.

4 Move your body to improve your health

Choosing to move your body is an act of self-love by prioritizing your health and wellness. Moving your body is a great way to check in with your body and honor what it needs. Permit yourself to invite in whatever you need — set intentions before and during your activity. If the intent is to release tension and toxic energy from the body to make space for new loving energy, the whole energy of your movement will change. You can move your way into love. For at least 5-20 min a day — dance, do yoga, hike, go for a walk, exercise — whatever you choose, just move your body.

5 Prioritizing good sleep

Making sure that you are getting enough sleep is self-love. It is vital that you put sleep on the top of your to-do list as another act of self-love. Sleep deprivation is bad for our mental and physical health. A lack of sleep can have a negative impact on our self-esteem causing a lack of confidence, higher stress, and mood swings. You don’t feel motivated to do anything which means that you have little to no interest in achieving your desires. This puts you in a low frequency and doesn’t give you the energy to be at your best. Lack of sleep leads to feelings of fear, sadness, and self-doubt. Get at least 7-10 hours of sleep each day.

6 Wear something that raises your energy of love

To wear clothing that raises your energy of love, you are rewarding yourself and your wardrobe with the opportunity to embrace your imperfections, circumstances, and wounds. You accept that they are part of creating a masterpiece, YOU. Clothing out of alignment with this high vibrational feeling may make you feel unworthy, judgmental, shameful, unconfident, and unattractive. Consider what pieces from your wardrobe connect to that feeling of joy, gratitude, and worthiness at all times – even when you may feel under the weather.

7 Spending time alone

Spending time alone is a time for reflection. You cannot reflect when you are so busy “doing” and not fully present in “being.” Having a “do nothing” day alone is the perfect time to do some self-exploration and reflect on where you are today, how you got here, and what your next steps must be to shape your tomorrow. It’s always a great time to catch up with yourself and check in with what you’re feeling. Remember that it is better to pour from your overflow.

It was love that provided me with a powerful mission to help women commit to their self-love journey. That’s why I’m offering a self-love challenge for my soul sisters ready to live in love with themselves. Explore your heart with this challenge of 7 daily acts of self-love. You’ll receive exercises and worksheets to complete on each day.

Which of these 7 daily acts of self-love will you do every day?