Tips On What To Wear For A Trip In Mexico

What To Wear For A Trip In Mexico

I recently traveled to Cabo San Lucas, a city in Mexico (that’s IF you are unfamiliar) with one of my closest sister-friends and we had one of the most memorable experiences. It was important to us that we celebrate life as it is, single motherhood (a much needed mama time without kids), turning 40 this year (I did in June and she does in October) and our journeys (healing and spiritual). Even with the Pandemic looming still, we felt safe and protected enough to travel because of the high vibration we are on. Everything flowed so effortlessly starting with planning the trip which made it appear meant to be. And get this, the time of our choosing to travel to Mexico happened to be “world wellness weekend”. It was an ode to why we traveled in the first place. There is also no doubt that with choosing the location, I had to figure out what to wear for a trip in Mexico.

The country of Mexico is so beautiful, and they were so clean and took all the safe precautionary measures. This is my third time visiting a city in Mexico and I have a strong feeling that there will be plenty more visits. When picking out wardrobe for the trip to Mexico, it was mixed with excitement, celebration, being true to me and my journey, and incorporating the culture and city life experience. I believe it is important to embrace you, your journey and the culture of the place you are visiting. I wanted to share with you some style inspiration for your next travel experience and if that leads you to Mexico then this is for you.

What do you think about my “What to wear for a trip in Mexico” tips and inspiration? Do you have any that you can or would like to share? Are you traveling anywhere during this time? Would you like for me to do more posts on travel inspiration and looks?

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