Ways You Can Develop Self-Awareness

What is Self-Awareness and Ways You Can Develop It?

Due to past traumas I had trouble feeling and identifying my emotions. Matter of fact, I did not want to feel or deal with them. I would much rather move on and believed that once it is in the past, it is behind me. Learned that was a mistake as whatever I had not dealt with resurfaced into other things later. For me to heal I had to learn how to identify my emotions, deal with them then release them. It was a beautiful term that I ended up being introduced to, self-awareness. When it comes to being self-aware, it means that you have a clear understanding of who you are which boosts your emotional intelligence. By boosting your emotional intelligence, it heightens the way you think and feel. I decided to do more research on the effectiveness of self-awareness because of my recent experience and wanted to share what I learned. What is self-awareness and ways you can develop it?

Self-Awareness gives you the ability to align with your internal standards as it becomes crucial to your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. By seeing yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection, you will build a much healthier and happier life. It becomes easier for you to understand others and how they perceive you, and often, how they see themselves through you. When we are not self-aware there is a discrepancy between our internal selves and standards. It is difficult to self-regulate your emotions, objectively evaluate yourself and manage your behavior when there is no understanding and acceptance of who you are. Life becomes more difficult to handle and control.

Here are some ways you can develop self-awareness:

*Look at yourself objectively by performing a daily reflection. Learn about your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, behavior and habits.

*Talk to yourself and get to know yourself better.

*Learn about yourself through the observations of others. These observations should only be helpful, not hurtful.

*Keep a journal of your feelings and emotions to help with identifying them often.

*Practice mindfulness exercises like meditation, breathwork and body scan as some examples.

*Take personality and psychometric tests.

*Pause regularly to mind your thoughts and practice releasing those negative thoughts and beliefs.

I have found the beauty in developing self-awareness creates a healthy relationship with yourself and others. When we can self-evaluate we have the ability to determine if we are acting and thinking as we should. We then become masters of our future and becoming a better versions of who we already are.

Do you believe that you practice self-awareness regularly? Are these tips on ways you can develop self-awareness helpful? What are ways you have learned to develop self-awareness?

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