Loving Yourself Where You Are Right Now

The Outcome of Loving Yourself Where You Are Right Now

To love yourself where you are right now means that you commit to loving everything about you and your journey. Through it all, you practice understanding and acceptance for your life in the moment that it is in. You realize that life is not about perfection but becoming better as a lifelong process that you appreciate. It takes time to get to a place of gratitude for all that you are and have now. Especially if you have experienced disappointment, sorrow, and pain you thought would never end. Come to find out, having gratitude for where you are regardless of the circumstance creates a life of abundance. Every experience in our life is teachable.

I never knew I would get here, but once I changed how I looked at and approached life, an evolution happened. I always had a gift of optimism because of my faith, but once I gave up chasing the future, I became more at peace with being in the moment and working on myself from there. The outcome of loving yourself where you are right now is rewarding because it changes the world around you.

Easier said than done? Yes. Will loving you where you are right now take time? Yes. Can you do it? Of course you can.

Letting go of what was, where you thought you would have been, who you are today versus who you’ll be tomorrow, the people you lost, past mistakes, and what you don’t have is something that needs to happen in order to successfully accomplish the possibility of allowing days of light in. Maybe the outcome of loving yourself where you are right now will help you push yourself to living your best life today instead of focusing on tomorrow. Start by journaling what you love about yourself right now with no conditions. Take a deep breathe and keep going.

I will share what the outcome of loving yourself where you are right now could look like for you:

  1. The love and gratitude will show up in your style with confidence. Self-love will be very apparent in the way you present yourself to others, and you will feel it within yourself too.
  2. Will help shift your mindset to believing in yourself and you will create a clearer vision for the life you want to manifest.
  3. You live in the now which helps you build the life worth waiting for.
  4. You make room for abundance and expansion by letting go.
  5. Your dreams feel closer as you connect with the divine.
  6. The world responds to you differently. You attract better and get what you desire.
  7. You release guilt, resistance and shame from your energy which clears space for a more balanced life.
  8. You care less on what others think about you and you become CEO of your life.  
  9. You will not feel like you have failed from mistakes as you accept that it is a part of being a better version of yourself.
  10. When you value yourself by setting boundaries the universe rewards you.
  11. No more self-abuse and more self-love that looks/feels like wellness and a healthy relationship with yourself, mind, body and spirit.

Loving yourself where you are right now is about setting boundaries for your life. Those boundaries are a way for you to create space for you to be proud and feel good about being you. It earns you the opportunity of growth and mastering your purpose. Your style will embody who you are within as a result.

How are you loving yourself where you are right now? What has been the outcome for you? Have you started loving yourself where you are right now? I would love to connect and have a deeper conversation about it if you are open. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe on your way out.

Remember to work on being the greatest version of who you already are.