Starting a New Chapter with Journey Your Style

Journey Your Style is a New Chapter and Rebirth

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to “Journey Your Style” my beautiful friend! Starting a new chapter with Journey Your Style means rebirth and my life’s purpose. It was important that I let go of my last blog, “Style Me Fancy” and begin the next phase of what I’m becoming. If you are not familiar with my last blog – I started off talking about style how to’s, which eventually evolved into a style and lifestyle empowerment blog. At the time, I was going through something very tumultuous and my blog was therapeutic for me, which is why it evolved because I was evolving and learning more about myself. It helped with my inner growth. I moved on from that blog because I believe I started to outgrow it, and it was time to create anew. In order for me to chart a new path, I founded “Journey Your Style”.

In life we have to know when letting go is right for our new mission and you have to do things that are uncomfortable in order to make space for better things. There has been so much I have experienced that has caused me to make the shift. Starting Journey Your Style is my rebirth and next chapter of my life. A wise marketing professional once told me, to always listen to your business. Your business knows what’s best and when it’s time to make the best next move. I also believe that when you’re working on yourself through personal development, you learn that your spirit knows what’s best too. Having self-awareness is a gift.

So why “Journey Your Style” as the new brand name? Establishing your personal style is the best way to honor yourself and your journey. It can help shape who you are and your purpose. We should think about style the same way we think about a journey, what’s the purpose for it and the outcome you hope to achieve. We are not meant to stay the same and our style isn’t meant to either. Our style is a part of our journey. The name resonated with me and my new mission, and I hope it resonates with you too.

After going through a challenging divorce (for nearly three years) that caused an unexpected transition in my life, my style was part of that journey. I used my style to rediscover myself, and the next best version of a new independent woman I worked to become and now am. The purpose and goal of my style was to exhibit strength, confidence and freedom – and it helped with my own reaction of myself too. It was what I needed to build me up internally to show up externally. I showed up for myself and rebuilt with tenacity. I want to inspire, empower and help women to do the same no matter what, Journey Your Style.

I would love to know, what would you like to learn about style? What are your problem areas when it comes to your style and lifestyle? How can this blog or our services help you find the solutions to become a better version of who you are?

Please join journey your style and be a part of what’s to come that will benefit your life’s journey. As you subscribe to follow along, let’s grow together and chart new paths starting with ourselves then our style and lifestyle. Sharing is caring, so it would be amazing if you shared with others too.

Remember, you are your journey.