Developing Your Self-Worth

How Do You Develop Self-Worth?

Self-worth is a deep knowing that you are someone of value. As a woman, when you make yourself a priority, you release your power of Self-Worth. It is essential that you focus on actions that align with promoting self-love, developing personal authenticity and building your value. Then, you will begin to create a burning desire to become your best – honoring yourself over the opinions of others. When you set aside time daily to invest into yourself the power of purpose flows through you in spirit and you open up the keys to being yourself.

So, how do you develop self-worth?

When I first discovered that I was not fully developed in the act of self-worth, it was at the physical end of my marriage. It was truly an awakening time for me when I finally decided to walk away, for me. What I thought I knew about valuing myself I ended up unaware as to its complete meaning. It wasn’t like I didn’t value myself at all, I just didn’t value myself enough. I did not know enough about all that valuing oneself called for, like so many of us. There are so many levels to understanding and acting in a place of self-worth than I was aware of. Why didn’t I know? Society teaches you to attach your self-worth to things outside of you. My first true sign of developing self-worth was feeling whole as is. I now inner-stand that it does not take another person to make me feel whole and complete anymore.

How did I develop self-worth? Being open to healing and working on myself in order to be better, and know better. As I begin the act of healing and doing the daily healthy activities that goes with that, it began to become a natural progression of my personal development journey.

This is how I’m acting in a space of self-worth these days:

*Setting aside time when I wake up to daily self-love practices (meditation, affirmations, manifestation, etc.)

*Surrounding myself with people who respect me and my boundaries, support me with positive intention and love me for me.

*Letting go of people that carry negative and toxic energy that are disruptive to my positive energy.

*Not allowing everyone access to me, or whenever they feel like they want access to me.

*Eliminate self-criticism and replace it with understanding and unconditional love.

*Love myself regardless of where I am in my life and embrace where I am instead.

*Have gratitude for the space I’m in and for what I have.

*With divine guidance, doing the things that bring joy to me and the world around me that helps me operate as my highest self.

*Focusing on the things that have purpose.

*Create a bigger vision for my life and celebrate it now as if it is already mine.

*Affirm that “I am worthy as I am”.

My virtual panel and workshop event on self-worth, “Sis, You’re Worth It” is taking place on December 18th and December 19th. It is my purpose and passion project that I am co-creator and co-host of alongside my dear sister-friend, Ms. Jazmin Steele (Author, Podcast Host, Life Coach, Speaker and Healing Advocate for Women). Our mission is to be lightworkers and continue to purposefully empower others every day. Come join us to help you develop or continue on your self-worth journey into the new year. All proceeds from the event will be going to charity. You can find more details on the event here.

How do you develop self worth?

Remember that you are the one to decide your self-worth. No one else can or has the authority to decide that for you.