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My Personal New Year Wish: To Be More of Who I Know I Am

My Personal New Year Wish is to Be More of Who I Know I Am

On Tuesday, June 2nd I celebrated a milestone birthday amid the new civil rights protest for Black lives. I turned 40 years of age and as I do all my birthdays, I embraced it, but something about this birthday seemed more purposeful and special. As the day was used in solidarity of Black lives lost in America due to racism and to create awareness that our lives matter just as much as the next human, I couldn’t help but to be filled with gratitude to make it to 40 and celebrate the life that God gave me. There are so many that did not get a chance to reach such a milestone, and so I felt the impact of the honor to be gifted the breath of life and purpose. For me, the personal development work I did to get here is remarkable in my book. The transformation I experienced by learning more about who I was, had me excited to join the 40’s club. You see, I did not fully embrace and value myself in my twenties, and not until my late thirties I began to understand that my power was in valuing myself. It was then, I could step into a new decade with a sense of self-love and empowerment. That is why it was important that I made my personal new year wish to be more of who I know I am. I know that my work is not complete.

Knowing who you are determines everything. All the decisions you make are based on what you think you know, pretend to be, or believe about yourself. Accepting who you are takes a lot of guts because we unknowingly made agreements to not accept who we were before we became adults. Our task is now to unlearn everything we thought we knew and adopt new habits and agreements about ourselves. We learned from others that were also trying to figure out life for themselves. Society wanted us to embody and love everything outside of ourselves, and we became attached to all the things we believed represented who we are. Eventually you will have to take responsibility over your life and say to yourself no more and realize that you have the power to choose to change and become a better version of you. This does not come without self-educating.

I prefer the authentic parts of myself over the fabricated parts I did not know I made agreements with as a child. Creating my personal new year wish to be more of who I know I am is not an impossible mission but requires daily work. There are many ways that I do this. One of the ways is through my personal style. I almost believe that I expose myself through my style because there is always a message being given. Being transparent about who you know you are, especially when you may not be used to celebrating that part of you can be difficult, but courageous when you do. Another way is through my affirmations, believing I am who I am by telling myself all the things I value about myself. Also, expressing and journaling what I want to improve on. Lastly, but not all, changing the negative agreements and creating positive ones like, “not taking anything personally” because everything is not about me. It takes practice and is not something that can be undone overnight.

Again, my personal new year wish to be more of who I know I am came with recognition that being myself is my power. It does not come without faults, but with lessons to grow each and every day. Now I’ll ask you, have you ever made a personal new year wish? What would your personal new year wish be for yourself? It can truly be whatever is on your spirit, but make sure that you keep your word.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it and that you share it with a loved one (or two). I love connecting with you here and would love for you to subscribe and come back. Be well and embrace your journey because it’s yours.