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The Expression of Your Style Reflect Your Inner World

One Way Your Style Becomes a True Expression of Your Inner World

Practicing self-awareness, wellness and vibrating in high spirits are an important part of my world. So much so, I know when I feel off because I am more in tune with my body, mind, and emotions. The other day I noticed how relaxed I was with my style. I was not in the mood to express myself and be creative with my wardrobe (or much else for that matter). That is not like me. The next morning, as I often do, I checked to see if any of my seven chakras were blocked and learned that my throat chakra was the only energy center of my body that was. It was in that moment I understood why I did not care to be expressive, project my truths and create. To let you in a little further about my discovery, allow me to share the one way your style becomes a true expression of your inner world through the throat chakra.

If you haven’t been following or reading my posts (here and on social media), I speak often about the seven chakras. The root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown are all energy centers of the body. They all govern different energies in our body and have a tangible impact on your health and wellness as they correlate with the physical and metaphysical bodily functions. They allow energy to move in and out of your body (positive and negative). When energy becomes trapped it is unable to flow freely unless it is addressed before it begins to negatively affect you. When this happens to me, and my energy is trapped and blocked I use efficient tools that has worked for me to unblock and clear them out. The tools I use are meditation, yoga, and affirmations.

Back to speaking specifically about the throat chakra. The location of the throat chakra is in the throat/neck and governs communication (verbal and nonverbal), your voice, truth, creativity and expression. It is your body’s highest expression and voice. Our personal style is a form of our truth, nonverbal communication, and self-expression. That is because we can share a version of who we are and our truth freely. You put your journey on display. Our expression is a way for the outside world to reflect our inner world, and an unblocked chakra fulfills this possibility and gives us the balance we need to do so.

Once I opened up my throat chakra with a throat chakra meditation and throat chakra yoga cleanse, it allowed me to tap back in to being open about my truth and being expressive through my style. Again, it showed me that it is the one way style can become an expression of your inner world. My empowering mantra for the throat is, “I am open to speak my truth and express what makes me unique”.

I truly hope that you learned something new on this post, and that it inspired you to focus more on your energy centers, the seven chakras. It was something that spoke to my spirit to speak about as it relates to style. I love when that happens.

I would love to know your thoughts on one way your style becomes a true expression of your inner world. Leave a comment whether you are familiar with the energy centers or not. Oh, and don’t forget to invite your friends to join us here on my blog and website by subscribing. Be well, be kind and be true to your journey.