Ways To Develop Positive Energy During Uncertain Times

Five Ways To Develop Positive Energy During Times Of Uncertainty

While living in these times of uncertainty, not knowing whats going to happen from one day to the next, I’ve found that developing positive energy will help you far better than toxic energy will. For much too long I have lived life fearing many things, and made the choice to not allow the recent pandemic create that for my life. This I had to work on over time and made conscious lifestyle changes throughout my on-going healing journey.

I believe that you can fight against your fear, anxiety, loss, heartbreak to name some, by discovering healthier tools for energetic repair. It’s about finding ways to create new agreements with yourself. Living in fear, for one, blocks your energy and affects your body which causes energetic toxicity. Unless you address what’s causing your energy to be blocked, the rest of your mind and body system will remain affected leaving you susceptible to physical inner damage. Eating better only will not change it, it takes a combination of healthy habits.

I find it compelling how the body heals itself, as long as we practice energetic clearings by doing things that help cure not harm our body. Getting the message that our body is capable of repair, it’s on us to do what’s required. With that said, here are at least five ways to develop positive energy during times of uncertainty that I have found most useful to my life. Especially during this challenging time.

#1 Meditation

Meditation is a practice that promotes wellness by being present and attuned with yourself at that moment. It safely explores your mind and body connection that helps you master your relationship to your own energy. To explain a little further, the energy centers of your body comes from the chakra systems. It can properly identify the areas that need critical attention and is essential to your healing journey. Meditation is the first step in chakra healing as it teaches you that emotions occur outside of who you are and your body. Through the chakra meditation method, I learnt to be present and turn inward by connecting with my energy to center and balance myself. It’s taught me how to become self-aware, create peace within and has given me clarity. I’ve overcome emotional pain and feelings of toxicity by experiencing this technique. Meditation is not about turning the brain off, it’s about witnessing your consciousness, and exploring aspects of your identity.

When practicing mediation, I’m reminded of how beautiful life is and that my body is my temple. The more effort you put into meditating, the more you’ll get out of it. Give it some time as it may not seem easy at first. To help with your effort in making the choice to meditate, remember that it has a tangible effect on your health and wellness.

#2 Learning New Things

Every learning should have a purpose and that purpose should be for your personal growth. Learning is good for brain development and can improve your daily life and energy. It stimulates happiness because of the excitement of learning something new. Learning new things adds to mastering new skills and strengthening your mind (even life lessons through experiences). My love of learning I believe is my strength and superpower. I want to deepen my understanding about life, my purpose, the world and myself. This way I can connect with my higher self and become a better version of who I’m meant to be. I want to continue to live life with an open mind, not play it safe and teach others about what I’ve learned. Like Lauryn Hill said, “wisdom is better than silver and gold.” Investing in your personal development and improving yourself by learning is a great way to develop positive energy. Cultivating more knowledge my friend, contributes to vibrating on a higher level. Learn that new thing to better the world and people around you.

#3 Yoga

Yoga is more than just body movements and a workout sesh. You may already know this but, it deeply involves spiritual, mental and physical practices or disciplines. It’s combination of stretches and postures connects the mind to the body through breathing exercises, physical movement, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation. Yoga has been known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, sleep and concentration. I’ve noticed a change in my mind and body after regularly doing yoga. It’s really made a tremendous difference in my life teaching me how to breathe, respond positively, treat my body with kindness and have a deeper spiritual connection ( between my mind, and body). I can really go on and on about how it’s positively affected my life. I’ve created a wellness space in my living room and yoga is a part of my everyday regimen to create inner peace. Best place for yoga instructional videos for me is YouTube.

#4 Gratitude

Expressing (and/or having) gratitude can improve your health – especially when you see it as something larger than yourself. The benefits of practicing gratitude everyday reduces negative thoughts by replacing them with more positive thoughts. I find that it’s also a great way of affirming that you are thankful (and grateful) for the goodness in your life, which replaces it with more goodness. I think you know where I’m going with this. Gratitude for me helps me appreciate my blessings – the people in my life, what I have been fortunate to possess, experiences (both good and bad), the love of God, and so much more. I’ve learned through the years that if you don’t have gratitude for what you have, you won’t be ready for the things you want. I always like to attach it to what you put out in the universe it will return based on what you project. And did I mention, gratitude creates inner happiness? Count your blessings sis.

#5 Eating Healthier

I’ll refer to the popular saying on this one – you are what you eat. Just like anything else, food is energy and whatever that energy, you’re putting that same energy into your body. As you may know, eating healthier leads to reduced risks of illnesses and weight loss. Did you know that it also boosts your mood, improves gut health, helps with good night sleeps and your body responds positively to healing. I’ve been making strides at eating healthier by cutting out fatty foods, monitoring my sugar in-take, staying hydrated, eating fruits and vegetables – also implementing vegan and plant based foods. I recently cut dairy from my regular diet. It’s interesting how you can tell the difference in your body. I’m still hard at work on this, and found this to be more of a challenging lifestyle change to make.

I’m not saying that developing positive energy will make all your challenges disappear, or that it will give you a life of perfection. I wanted to share with you ways you can improve your life by changing one bad habit at a time and clearing toxic energy in your body for a life of balance (and to be centered). We are not taught enough about holistic wellness or about making time for it in our lives. Remember what you put in is what you get out of it.

What are you implementing to develop positive energy during this uncertain time? Are any of these wellness tools being used in your life already? Is there any that you would like to use?

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Remember, you are your journey. Be well.