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How Acceptance and Letting Go Can Create Positive Change

What’s the key to Soul TRANSFORMATION?

Think about how acceptance and letting go can create positive change. They are connected to each other. Through this process, you need courage, patience, appreciation, and compassion – and some may say time, but time is an illusion. Time keeps us bound to the conditions and limitations caused by the situations and events in our lives.

When we accept that situations and events happen for us to make the necessary changes to our world, letting go becomes easier. Embracing things as they are, not as you expect them to be. That’s how you begin the process of acceptance.

There is no new version of you by hanging on to dead relationships, old ways of thinking, old systems and patterns, and toxic energy. If you are constantly resisting letting go, you are resisting a true soul transformation. Even your clothing reflects the old version of yourself.

A true soul transformation is aligned with your true authentic being. To get closer to the version of you that’s real, here are 3 things you can do today to practice acceptance and letting go:

1 Write all the things, conditions, and people you are ready to let go of from your space and energy this year. Get ready to give them a funeral.

2 Sit and reflect on how these things are holding you back in the present from being your best self – and be honest with yourself. Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable. Bring your shadow into awareness. Anything you hold in your mind is an illusion – only the past and future resides in the mind.

3 Listen to the sounds of water. Water represents least resistance. Everything detaches itself from you. Close your eyes and imagine these things (one by one) flowing away from you. As you surrender to acceptance, acknowledge that it happened and now it’s time to move on from it. 

Are you ready to surrender to acceptance and let go of what no longer aligns with your best self?

If you’re ready for guidance and support to practice acceptance and letting go using the power of your clothing register for my closet clean-out course today. Allowing your clothing to reflect your soul transformation is a gift. 

Spread love all 2022.