Learning How To Love Your Body Within Your Style

Ways To Learn How To Love Your Body Within Your Style

We spend so much time worrying about what we weigh, and not on the fact that we are worth so much more. Our value is not determined by our body size and type, but the value that lies within us. I blame society for making us believe that unless we look our best on the outside, nothing else matters. There is no one size should fit all kind of beauty. Until we make peace with the body we have, we will constantly tell the container for our soul, that we are without gratitude for how it protects us and keeps us safe from bodily harm. There are ways to learn how to love your body within your style by using the body you were born with.

It has done more for us than we give it credit for. For starters, think about all the things you managed to do today because of your body, like getting out of bed (let’s have a moment of gratitude). What comes to mind for me is that my body allowed me to carry life and give birth to that same life. Now that sis, is true divine power and we should give our bodies more grace for all that it has been created to do. Our body also gives us back what we do to it and put into it (get my drift?).

Our body represents more of what we have been led to believe. As we spend less time criticizing it, we create more time to love on it. To help with generating kindness to our body, you’ll make changes to how you view and think of yourself by releasing the negative thoughts and boost your God-fidence. Let’s dress for the body we have and not wait another second for the body we think would be better.

As you may or may not know by now (welcome new reader), I always look to style to find ways to love more on myself and to help others do the same. What was your take away from this post? Are there other ways to learn how to love your body within your style that you have discovered?

Most times, we think it’s our body that needs the fixing when it’s truly how we feel about our inner being that needs it most. Be kind to yourself.

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