Setting Intentions: What is Your Theme Word for 2021?

What is Your Theme Word for 2021?

WOW! Is probably the word that we all can agree is the feeling we have about 2020. It took the wind out of us all. We were reminded how life can make a quick turn without notice and the importance of having gratitude for everything we have in our life. For many reasons, I call 2020 the year of awakening. Although it was TOUGH for me in the beginning of the pandemic (like so many), I found my way and explored a more divine world by tapping more into my inner being. The highlight of my year was stepping out of my comfort zone on many levels. It was important that I kept my theme word of the year in mind, “PURPOSE”. Beginning several years back, I started to create theme words to set an overall intention on my year, instead of new year resolutions. I’m inviting you do to it with me, what is your theme word for 2021?

My theme word for 2021 is “ALIGNMENT”. This will be my overall intention for the year to attract all things that are in alignment with my purpose, growth, spirit and highest good. Each new choice that I make will be in conjunction to who I am on the verge of becoming next and the list of the intentions I set during Winter Solstice. The affirmation for the year in connection with my theme word will be, “I release all things that do not align with who I am becoming”. I want to better cooperate with my inner being to fully be in alignment.

Some of what I will be working to release that do not align are my limiting beliefs, expectations, and old clothing that are attached to old energy. I want to be on a track by being more growth conscious and less goal conscious. Being growth conscious means that you will forever be becoming and have understanding that life is a journey, not an end wants you meet your deadline.

So, how about you? What is your theme word for 2021? Share in the comments below.

See you next year, Happy New Year!