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Develop Your Personal Style into Healing

A List of Ways to Develop Your Personal Style into Healing

To know who you are within and feel good about who you are within is a powerful combination. It means that you will not attach yourself to anything unless it makes you feel good being you. The fulfillment it provides feels freeing and one of a kind. I love to address my style in a manner that helps me examine my journey because it makes my style apart of me. What style means to and for my wellbeing has given me the ability to respond to my inner needs. I put together a list of ways to develop your personal style into healing and to show that it is possible. You just have to learn the value of knowing who you are, and know how to build a style that speaks to your spirit.

Let’s get into a list of ways to develop your personal style into healing.

Be True to the Feeling

When developing your personal style, it is about cultivating a natural feeling that inspires you to get in touch with you. With the clothing I choose to wear and style in, it is essential that I am self-aware, and let go of what I am, to build on who I am becoming. I learned to never let my circumstance dictate what I wear, and allow my style to help me create purpose and promise of the present. Tapping in to your emotions and releasing the emotions that create toxic energy will do wonders for your life. Imagine releasing toxic feelings and only choosing wardrobe that helps you create positive outcomes. Adding various colors to your closet help with the result of your mood too.

Make Evolving Necessary

Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve. If you are not evolving, you are not moving forth into your being. What do you think happens to your personal style when you are stasis? Your style only evolves when you decide to. As I began my healing journey and discovered more about myself, I naturally did a wardrobe upgrade. Anytime I reflect on my current state and feel another shift happening in my life, I’m looking to change the energy of my wardrobe to match the evolution that I feel taking place. Your style is there to complement the evolution you experience.

Find Purpose Over Your Style

Whenever you aim for purpose, the power of purpose takes on the direction of intention and determination. I discovered that my style can respond to purpose and learned how to use my style to create whatever that purpose is. Your style can be used to motivate you for and toward your purpose. My healing is a great example of how I use my style to procure it. This became so important as I challenged myself to what I believe to be a defeating moment in my life and used my clothing to meet that challenge. How I have developed personally fit right into what I wear and why I wear it. Your purpose can translate through your style which complements the journey.

Be Empowered by the Circumstance

In life there is cause and effect. There is really no such thing as good and bad, but what it provides are opportunities. Life offers us a chance of experiences, lessons, growth and acceptance. Every circumstance in the moment are temporary and we should treat it as such. The state of affairs can be daunting at the time, but with faith you can withstand anything. Using your style to transcend and not be defeated by outward effects will help with embracing it. Finding tools to embrace and be empowered by the circumstance starts within your inner being. Your style is a makeup of you and can reinforce the energy you need to keep going. Everything happens for you, not to you.

Ditch having attachment to clothing and clothing brands

Once you attach yourself to clothing and clothing brands, you tell yourself that the quality of who you are depends on the clothing, not the quality of the person you are. I got caught up into thinking this when I was younger, that my style depended on what brand of clothing I wore. The problem with that was I placed more value into what I was wearing than who I was. In fact, I didn’t know enough about who I was and never put much thought into how to use clothing to represent my inner self. Real people want to meet the person dressed in the clothing, not the person because of the clothing. If you can let go of clothing that doesn’t add value to who you are, imagine what else you’ll be able to let go of. Letting go and releasing the attachment to what doesn’t make you whole gives room for better to enter into your life. It also helps you place value exactly where it needs to be, within you.

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Putting together a list of ways to develop your personal style into healing hits close to home for me. It’s really a look into my healing and style journey during a time of challenge and new beginnings. I wanted to share with you part of how I used my style as a source of healing to tap into my inner being. It was after attending therapy that I began the work and process that included style as part of my healing.

How will you be using this list for your journey and healing? Have you taken anything from this list into account for your personal style? Does a list of ways to develop your personal style into healing inspire you in any way? Please leave a comment and I would love to chat. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so that you can be notified for my next blog post and to check back in with me.

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