A Guide to Maximizing Your Wardrobe to Fit Your Journey

A Guide to Maximizing Your Wardrobe to Fit Your Journey

One can agree that life is full of ups and downs (right?!?). When it comes to style, it is not helpful to dress down in those moments you are not feeling up. It’s vital that we dress for the mood we want to be in instead to form a more empowering day and look at life. My road to divorce was tough and there were a lot of dark moments in the beginning (and some in the middle) until I discovered a way to lift myself up. It was in these moments that drove my style to be a call to my healing and it has continued on this journey with me ever since. It was extremely important for me to wear wardrobe that was maximizing in many ways, not just one. My style had to match the vision and purpose I had for myself, not so much my temporary situation. I want to show you a guide to maximizing your wardrobe to fit your journey.

You ever hear the saying, that it is important for you to have gratitude today, so that your tomorrow can bear the fruit you helped grow? Or maybe I just came up with it to make my point more clear and valid, lol. Learning to make the best use of my clothing made my choices intentional and purposeful. My wardrobe needs to provide the essentials that’s needed for me to feel the most energetic, enthusiastic, love and drive. I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe has to speak to me and my current needs.

I wrote a guide to maximizing your wardrobe to fit your journey in hopes that you will make the best out of your day to day:


With anything in life, it starts with a vision. You want to be able to visualize the lifestyle you want and the feeling you want to have in your wardrobe. When you envision the style you want, the goal should be to complement all of the person you are and that it matches the person you are growing to become.


Being you requires authenticity and so does your style require you to be your authentic self. There’s a way around this if that’s what you prefer, but to truly maximize your wardrobe to fit your journey (and to get the best out of the life that belongs to you) it’s best to do it being you. Use your style to work towards becoming the best version of who you already are. You just haven’t fully discovered her yet. Go after her by learning about her needs, desires, purpose, values and character.


Being open to explore yourself and the world around you will make it easier to do the same with your personal style. Exploring clothing styles, silhouettes, prints and colors along with accessorizing to enhance your look will give you the drive you need to explore life. It really is all connected.


This should match where you plan to be later in life and the better version of who you see yourself as. What is she doing for a living? What is she passionate about? What is she like? What about her relationships? You can manifest your style in the same manner based off of the goals for your life. Use your wardrobe to connect you to the energy of manifestation.


Everything we experience and do has a purpose. Your style has purpose even when you don’t believe it does. That’s why you may as well purposefully dress to meet your needs and, yup that word again, journey. Allow your style to approach life in the way that it helps.


Do you believe a guide to maximizing your wardrobe to fit your journey will help you with your personal style? What in this guide can you relate to? I would love to learn about your experience with your style and help guide you personally to maximizing your wardrobe to fit your journey.

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Be Well. Be You. Be True.