Wardrobe Healing Services (Healing Your Style)

Our wardrobe healing services will help you establish a personal style that aligns with who you are, your purpose and your contributions to the world. We are committed to helping you identify a style with substance that fit into your journey. A style that mirrors your soul and opens you up to a vibration that empowers you to step into your power. We will build a wardrobe style that encourages you to achieve the life you desire and help with any life transformation. Style is about living within your truth and we will provide you with wardrobe healing tools to tap in to yours. Creating a life that feels good on the inside sets the foundation for how you show up on the outside. We are dedicated to helping you evolve through style and healing.

If you need help with your confidence and self-worth to connect even deeper with your style and your life’s purpose, we can make recommendations for your personal development needs. We find that setting personal development goals can re-shift your life which will make a major difference in what you achieve. It is one of the best wardrobe healing services and benefits one can receive.

Personal Styling

During the style session we will get to know you (who you are, what you like and dislike, your goals and aspirations, life journey, body type, coloring, style personality) to develop your personal style. From there, we will select the clothing styles that work best for where you are and who you’re becoming. We will put together a digital board of all your achievable looks and how to make each piece functional (wearable in several ways). Also, for what occasions these looks work best for your personal wardrobe styling.

$133/hour (with a two (2) hour minimum booking) or available as a package which includes personal shopping and a closeout workout (wardrobe healing service package price available on request)

Personal Shopping

We have found that there are many reasons personal shopping makes a difference in the lives of so many. Many of us don’t have the time, have trouble finding the best clothing styles that fit who we are and our journey, don’t find shopping fun and so there is no effort to finding what works or we’re overwhelmed with choices so we can’t narrow it down. If any of these sound like you, then let us help you make your personal shopping experience more effective.

There are two ways we can make this happen. After our personal styling session, we can shop together, or we can shop for you. Either way, we make the selections that identify with you and you choose based on our selections for you to purchase. We will keep a digital board of what you should be looking for in the future or this can be a continual service provided to you.

$133/hour (with a two (2) hour minimum) or $444 for four (4) hours (Subscription Service Available on request for a Lower Fee)

Closet Clean-out (and Wardrobe Workout)

You ever get tired of your wardrobe or your clothing just doesn’t seem to inspire you? Some things no longer fit the journey or the energy you need to have for your next phase, that is when a closet clean-out becomes necessary. This is one of those moments in our lives that remind us that letting go is important for us to make positive changes and make room for better. We come to you and your closet to help you determine what stays (to rework and restyle) and what goes (to purchase for your new journey). We will pull everything out of your closet and make three piles of no’s, yes’s and maybe’s. You will try on the yes’s and maybe’s so that we can determine how they will fit your journey going forward. The pieces you keep, we will take pictures of ways you can restyle and revamp them. For new purchases, we will put together a digital board of all your achievable looks and how to make each piece functional (wearable in many ways). Also, for what occasions these looks work best.

$111/hour (with a two (2) hour minimum) or $411 for four (4) hours

Event Styling

Like your everyday personal style, knowing how to dress for an event is equally as important. Every occasion is different, so what you wear will not be the same each time. If you ever find yourself in a rut because you don’t know how to dress for the occasion, overwhelmed with decisions or you don’t have time to shop, let us help you create the impression that sets you apart from the crowd. Some events we can help you style for are weddings (as the bride, bridesmaids or guest), galas, corporate or social parties, photo shoots, fashion shoots and commercials, awards ceremony, reunion, etc. Learn about our personal styling to see how we would prepare you for this style session. Personal shopping also available on request.

$133/hour (with a two (2) hour minimum) or $444 for four (4) hours

Virtual Wardrobe Healing Services Available on Request