Closet Clean-Out

Closet Clean-Out (Reflection and Release Method) – 2 Hour Minimum (Hourly Service)

The closet clean-out will involve a reflection and release method to allow space for new wardrobe with uplifting energy and a style that gives you permission to be yourself. It is essential to your overall style experience and journey. Creating space for what truly mirrors you and your contributions to the world.

Is this you?

  • Your clothing brings you more stress than joy
  • Everything you wear carries old memories and negative energy
  • Clothing in your closet doesn’t fit your body shape, style or journey
  • Your closet is packed with clothing you never wear or don’t like
  • You need clothing that uplifts your mood and gives a high vibration
  • Not enough clothing that you love to wear
  • You don’t feel confident in the wardrobe in your closet
  • Boring clothing that lacks bright colors
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the wardrobe in your closet
  • Difficulty putting outfits together because of lack of cohesiveness
  • Need new wardrobe to meet your style and lifestyle goals
  • You’re not connected to your higher self with what’s in your closet

Clothes will be pulled out from the closet and anywhere they are kept. We will start with an intention exercise. Reflect on what each clothing piece means or has meant to your journey. Release what no longer belongs in your journey based on memory and energy. It’s important to create space for what aligns with where you are going and where you want to go. Who are you manifesting? What does she do or want to do? How does she feel or want to feel? Your wardrobe should be a direct reflection of the story you want told and what your spirit connects to.

$250/an hour (Subscription Service and Price Available on Request)

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