Closet Clean-Out

Closet Clean-Out (Reflection and Release Method) – 2 Hour Minimum (Hourly Service)

A Closet Clean-Out exercise to help you release a wardrobe that’s not in alignment with becoming your best self and having the best. The Reflection and Release concept is a transformation method for letting go, repurposing, and adding wardrobe with an energy of love to your closet. It is essential to your overall style experience, wellness, and journey. Together we will create a new dream closet that truly mirrors you and your contributions to the world.

It’s one thing to know you want better and another to hang on to low energy that doesn’t empower you to go after what’s already yours.

Sis, tell me this:

☼Do the items in your wardrobe make you feel confident or vibrate positivity?

☼Do you have so many clothes that take up closet space that you don’t feel connected to?

☼Do your clothes make you feel flawed and uncomfortable in your own skin?

☼Does your wardrobe weigh you down energetically, emotionally and mentally?

☼Is your wardrobe stuck in a season of your life you need to let go of?

☼Have a hard time finding anything suitable in your closet that fits your current needs?

With this Closet Cleanse Reflection and Release Method, get ready to:

☼Release old and negative energy that is holding you back in life.

​☼Create a wardrobe closet space for clothes that: uplift your spirits, boost your self-esteem & confidence, and help you manifest your life goals!

​☼Overcome past wounds and trauma to improve yourself in your next season.

Wear clothes that align with where you’re going, what you desire in life, and becoming your best self.

How does that sound to you?

We will start with an intention setting and visualization practice. Reflect on what each clothing piece means or has meant to your journey. Release what no longer belongs in your journey to clear space for what aligns with who you are, where you are going, and where you want to go. Your wardrobe will begin to be a direct reflection of the story you want to tell and what your spirit embodies.

$250 an hour (Subscription Service/Pricing Available on Request)

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