Wardrobe Healing Consultation and Session

Wardrobe Healing Consultation and Session

Our wardrobe healing consultation and session will help you form a personal style that aligns with who you are, your purpose and your contributions to the world. We are committed to helping you identify a style with substance that fit into your journey. We will curate a style together that mirrors your soul and opens you up to a vibration that empowers you to step into your power. We will build a wardrobe style that encourages you to achieve the life you desire and help with any life transformation. Style is about living within your truth and we will provide you with wardrobe healing tools to tap in to yours. Creating a life that feels good on the inside sets the foundation for how you show up on the outside. We are dedicated to helping you evolve through style and healing in this wardrobe healing consultation and session.


It’s time that your style speaks true to you, your story and journey.

Style is a spiritual connection between self-knowledge and self-confidence. It is your communication tool used to express who you are and what you stand for. It is your opportunity to allow an observer in to your story before you speak. Your style is not so much about what you wear, but why and how you are wearing it.

Your style is a reflection of you and how you feel about yourself.


  • Not connected to your style and ready to feel connected.
  • Lack confidence in yourself and wardrobe style, but ready to commit to a self-love journey.
  • Tired of being confused on how to dress for who you are in this moment and who you are becoming.
  • Unsure how to dress for the contributions you have to give to the world.
  • Ready to step into your power and stop playing small.
  • Unable to find clothes that speak true to who you are.
  • You want to learn more about your body shape, personal colors, style personality, dress for your lifestyle and the silhouettes that complement you best.
  • Feel like you play it too safe when shopping for clothes and dressing yourself.
  • You need to develop more of a sense of style so you can create more of a connection with you and your wardrobe.
  • You’re unsure how to flatter your body-shape and want to learn how to best style it so that you can create more of a love relationship with your body.
  • Your closet is full of wardrobe pieces that don’t align with your current journey or your future and you’re ready to release and create space for wardrobe that better complements the life you desire.
  • You don’t know what to do with most of the clothes you have because you buy whatever you think will work for you at the time.
  • Your current style is all over the place.
  • You need help creating a style that closely. identifies with you, your story and where you’re growing.
  • Not clear on where to start building a wardrobe that reflects you.

If you’ve identified with any of the above (or all), gorgeous, we can help you heal your wardrobe and create a look of high vibrancy to represent all of you. Our job is to help you get to a space of feeling your best and ready for any test life throws your way. You got this, and we got you!

In the beginning we’ll:

  1. Send you a style questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your current style, ideal style, your brand, style struggles, style strengths, how you describe yourself, big vision goals. 
  2. We’ll schedule a consult call to talk about your style questionnaire and connect deeper about your style goals. We’ll go more into detail about the process, ask questions about what you filled out in your questionnaire and get clarity on your goals and what you wish to get out of the wardrobe healing session. 
  3. Wardrobe Healing Sessions will follow on multiple scheduled dates to ensure that all needs are met within the package.

Package includes:

  • Style Questionnaire completed by client
  • A Custom Style Mood and Vision Board
  • Intention for Style Development Needs, Vision and Goals
  • Self-Love Exercise
  • Personal Style Journaling Exercise
  • Discover Your Predominant Style Category
  • Find Your Personal Colors
  • A Body Shape Analysis
  • Select Fashion Silhouettes and Fabrics
  • Tailor Make Your Style to Fit Your Lifestyle and Journey
  • Closet Clean-out: Reflection and Release Method
  • Personal Shopping
  • Build Your Wardrobe to Complement Your Story

Need on-going support? Hourly and quarterly packages are available on request after clients have gone through the initial package.

Package is $2000 (Monthly installments available on request)

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