Your Style Should Show Your Self-Worth

Greetings Soul Sis,

Your style should show your self-worth, and if it doesn’t, then you need a new wardrobe that does. Think about how you want your clothing to make you FEEL when it comes to how you want to be valued.

A reality that makes life so beautiful is the ability you have to be who you are. ALL of you. No matter your shape, size, skin color, personality, experiences, or wounds – you have something that the world needs. And only YOU are assigned to fulfill it.

One of the many components and vehicles that help you show up as your best self and healing is what you wear. When what you wear shows off your uniqueness, you’ll feel no need to compete with anyone other than who you were yesterday. Your value cannot be discounted unless you choose to discount yourself.

Now we both know that discounting yourself is no longer an offer. 

This post is for you to celebrate and honor who YOU are. And to take up space where you believe you belong in clothing that says, “I know my WORTH”. Everything that happened for you was worth being where you are and who you are presently.

Here are ways to wear clothing that shows and feels like you’re self-worth.

  1. What do you want to be doing with your life? Like, what are the dreams you want to manifest? Start wearing the clothes that make you feel like those dreams came to life already. Live in it by making it a part of you in the present. You are worth the investment.
  2. Assess the contributions you have to share with the world. What clothing in your closet evokes what you have to offer? Think of the styles, designs, colors, and fabrics of the clothing — does it complement who you say you are and what it says you can do. It should complement and mirror your soul.
  3. Does your clothing display a confident and empowered woman from the inside and out? What you wear should vibrate positivity to anyone who comes into contact with you. It should be a feeling that inspires you and others around you to be great.
  4. Evaluate your feelings of self-worth. Use your clothing as an act of self-love to encourage feelings of self-worth. Wear flattering clothes that boost your self-esteem, embrace your imperfections, and accentuates your best features.

Remember that your worth should not be bargained because you are valuable. Release anything in your closet that doesn’t align with how your style should show your self-worth.

How do you plan to show your self-worth in your style? 

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I’m Ready for My Wardrobe Healing Experience


Sending you love and light.