Read what clients are saying in their client testimonials about the wardrobe styling service and experience:

“I wanted to share the great experience I had while working with Pentené during my engagement while searching for that ‘perfect’ wedding dress. Never planning a wedding before and not realizing the endless, dizzying maze of wedding dress styles and fits, it was a real comfort and pleasure to have her by my side during this sometimes stressful process. Pentené is extremely attentive and I greatly appreciated her directness and honesty– considering my body type and shape when offering me her professional opinion. Needless to say, I said ‘yes’ to the dress and highly recommend her services to my friends, family, and anyone getting married in the near future. Many thanks, Pentené- you saved the day!”

– Client Testimonial from Esther R.

“My one-on-one wardrobe consultation with Ms. Pentené aka the Wardrobe Healer was a unique, one of a kind experience and everything I did not expect. It was unique because with her expertise and her passion, she magically found a way to link my life purpose to my wardrobe, which was unexpected, but the transition and connection was amazing!  I expected us to dive right into the clothing aspect because when you think about wardrobe, you think about what’s in your closet or what’s trending. Right? Well, we actually started out the session with some deep-geninune reflection. Much needed reflection. Her technique and her passion combined brought me true clarity related to my sense of style, what my style represents about me and what it stands for connected to my life purpose and my life journey. I was enlightened and learned a lot about different styles and colors that compliment my body shape and my undertone, giving me an overall sense of direction when shopping or just choosing an outfit for the day.  She gave me great guidance in starting my new wardrobe journey and gave me awesome actionable things to do that  I can implement right away. She is professional, knowledgeable, genuine and passionate! She knows her stuff!  My experience with Pentené was great and I would recommend her to any and everyone looking to learn how to wear their style with purpose!  I will definitely be using her services in the future. Thank you kindly Wardrobe Healer! You ROCK!”

– Client Testimonial from Dwaynitta P.

“My experience with Pentené was a very unforgettable and supportive one. I feel like I was in very capable hands the entire time. The decision making process was smooth and comforting to know that I had such a fashion forward professional at my disposal. I felt at ease that everything would come together because Pentené helped me find everything that I wanted and didn’t realize I wanted until she showed me. The management staff at the bridal salon was even taken back by her level of expertise and professionalism. They wanted to steal her from me as one of their own bridal stylist by offering her a job. I would definitely recommend anybody, anytime to Pentené so that they can get the same 5 star service that I received.”

– Client Testimonial from Ifeanyi K.

“Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I felt at the way Pentené transformed my daughter into a beautiful Angel on her prom day!!! She turned our miseries into an ecstatic and happy one. Thank you sooooooo much!!!”

– Client Testimonial from Ms. O

“I highly recommend Pentené as your Stylist. She’s wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable in regards to your body shape, style and color palette that will help complement your beauty. She not only helped me with my personal image, but it was also helpful having her by my side picking out my wedding dress which made it so easy and fast. Thank you Pentené for all your help so far. I’m looking forward to sharing my special day with you.”

– Client Testimonial from Lisa T.

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