Being Black In America

The Truth About Being Black in America

With the current events, I could not write about anything else. It’s important for me to address the huge elephant in the room. Besides, it is my truth. I am a black mother with a black son, black brothers and sisters, black nephews and a multitude of family members who are black. Yes, racism affects those directly impacted, but it affects us all whether you like to believe it or not. The silence of non-blacks for so long showed that either you didn’t care or was not conscious of how deep rooted racism was. Today, everyone is forced to be honest with the harsh reality of America. Being Black has always, and still is hard and a trying struggle in America.

Being Black in America has taught many to see black people, and other people of color as a threat and public enemy no. 1. It was important to cause a divide between people by starting a race war to gain economic power. Imagine what the world would be like if all of the human race came together as a people who fought for the people. We are so much more powerful together than we are apart, and they know it. The recent protests shows that it is not about white vs. black, but the human race vs. racism. It’s one beautiful harmony and the change we want to see in the world. Unfortunately, you have your bad seeds that are there to create chaos and there have been non-blacks agitating the riots and looting on the backs of black people because they know we will be blamed for it. They are being exposed for their agenda across all social media channels, which is very important to change the narratives.

I’ve experienced racism throughout my life, and know of countless others that have as well, so the experience is nothing new to me. Racism has been the real pandemic for centuries (or if you really want to use numbers, 400 years). Even though Obama was our president for two terms, it didn’t change the treatment of being black in america. The constitutional laws created by the forefathers of this country never designed it to include justice and equality for Black Americans. You see, we were never seen as 100% human so that gave them an excuse. Our ancestors, great great grandparents, great grandparents, parents protested and marched with Black leaders in their time to fight for basic rights for other generations to follow.

Could you imagine the generational trauma passed down from generation to generation because of what they experienced, only for us to continue fighting for much of the same basic rights in twenty-twenty? Could you imagine burying a mother, father, sister, brother, nephew or niece because of modern day lynching by the police or a white supremacist? Many aren’t filmed, but only heard about later. On top of the murder, they try to justify it by creating stories to make the murderer a victim while the real victim is seen as the suspect, and not here to defend their character. Most times it takes public outcry and petitions for the murderer to get arrested for justice to be served only for justice to not be served. The laws that are in place are not for the protection of Black Americans. Again, the harsh reality of Being Black In America.

The injustice is something black people have experienced just by being black. The media paints us as animals and a threat. We don’t have the same rights as a white person so they can easily call the cops on us or tell us where we don’t belong. They discriminate against us for a job that keep us from taking care of our family. Even housing discrimination is a thing, where some choose to not rent to blacks. We lived so much more, for centuries and still have been a resilient people.

Where do we begin with change? People of all races coming together is a start. Everyone using their voice and platforms to speak out against racism is a start (and not just today but constantly). Helping reform the laws that protect all Americans not just the privileged is a start. Voting for Politicians, DA’s, Prosecutors, Judges that stand up for equality is a start (it’s important to study their backgrounds because talk is cheap). Teaching your peers and children that black lives matter too and standing up against anyone that speak differently, is a start. There’s so much that you can do to help make a difference for the human race that includes black people and their lives. You don’t have to be an activist to be apart of positive change.

It’s important that we start a new revolution (and strengthen humanity) that our children can be proud of, and so that Black people aren’t afraid that they will be the next hashtag on social media or headline on the news, or their children. Support black businesses, black fashion designers, and other businesses that are for the equality of all people. Buy from people that care about humanity and not just your dollars. For the influencers, be more responsible with your platform by not collaborating with brands that aren’t for equality or implement diversity. We all can do our part to support the movement to end racism.

Will you join the movement to end racism? How will you protest? If you are black, how are you planning to protest? Anti-racism is not just a representation of where your mouth is, but your actions.

See Black history does not start with slavery. We are descendants of Kings and Queens so there’s so much more to our history. The history of slavery has been used to continue to enslave us and make us feel inferior so that others can feel superior. Even when we build economic power and uplift our communities we can be murdered for it, and that’s the sad truth. In order for us to heal as a nation, we’ll have to uncover so much truth and what was stripped from us 400 years ago. Until then, the fight continues.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and for your love and support. God bless.

P.S. If you are black reading this, it’s important for you to take care of yourself and family to continue this fight. Practicing self-care and healing regularly will make you stronger. Eating better, exercising, meditating, self educating, learning your history etc. Your mind and spirit need your strength to be sharp. Honor yourself, unplug if you have to. We are so much more than they say we are. God has shown us time and time again. We will get through this.


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