Keeping Up With Your Style While Social Distancing

How Effective Keeping Up With Your Style While Social Distancing Could Be

We have all been enforced to stay home and social distance ourselves during this pandemic, whether we have liked it or not. Some states are starting to lift the stay at home orders, but for some businesses, that doesn’t change how they will continue to operate their day to day business by continuing to work remotely. Whenever there is a change or major shift, it causes us to adjust to the circumstances. I’ve learned to look at the positive in all things, especially the things you cannot control. This experience is one of those moments we have no control over, but we do have control over how we respond. I’m using my style most days to help with how I respond because in other words, I have a choice. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk style and how we can use it effectively even while social distancing.

It’s so easy to lose ourselves if we are not putting in the time to take care of ourselves. Our time is being devoted to so many things at once now, so how do we find solace in still caring about our inner feelings which translates to what we’re putting on everyday. Even though we are in the act of social distancing, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do the things that we’re used to doing regularly. Like getting dressed, and looking our best to the outside world, but only now you’re solely doing it for you (and your own reaction to yourself). Being confined to our homes doesn’t mean that we should be confined to dressing like nothing matters. What we give our energy to only transfers back to us and we will always project that same energy. That’s why I thought about how effective keeping up with your (my) style while social distancing, and working remotely could be. It makes a difference in how we feel within and affect how we approach the day.

Dressing homely and not caring what I look (and smell) like doesn’t provide me with the energy and bandwidth I need to feel productive. Besides, in order for me to continue being on the same frequency and journey, pre stay at home orders, staying in the right frame of mind will help me reach the goals I set out to accomplish. Everything I try and do now has to be purposeful, and that will always include my style. I can’t take myself seriously being in pajamas or clothes that feel like pajamas throughout the day (you know the ones that aren’t exactly pajamas but we turned them into sleep wear). This is all a part of investing into and thinking more of myself which helps psychologically.

My style is already usually centered around dressing comfortably anyway (well, sometimes), so transitioning to dressing from home hasn’t been too difficult for me. Although, who am I kidding – it has been a bit of an adjustment for me since athleisure wear isn’t typically at the top of my shopping list when it comes to clothing styles. This time I believed that it was time for me to do a little shopping to stay true to myself while feeling professional working from home.

Think of these things when shopping for your in-home styles or while getting dressed.

How does it speak of me, and to me?

Could I wear this outdoors and still feel good about myself?

Do I feel comfortable enough to hang around the house, and professional enough to conduct business in?

What mood and energy will this style give me?

Does this look make me feel true to myself?

Now I want to ask you, are you keeping up with your style while social distancing? How do you feel about your current social distancing style?

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Remember, you are your journey. Be well today, tomorrow and forever.

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